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image Many people love Nestle chocolate, Edy’s ice-cream and Nescafe coffee. Unfortunately the Nestle company is less than worthy of our financial support. For years they’ve been marketing their baby formula to people in some of the poorest countries. Their commercials basically claim that the formula will make child geniuses and unfortunately many many poor people have fallen for it. This has caused a lot of unnecessary death and health issues among the children. You can view the whole story here:

Formula for Disaster 1
Formula for Disaster 2
Formula for Disaster 3
Formula for Disaster 4
Formula for Disaster 5

List of US Nestle Products
It may surprise you how many products are made by Nestle!

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Babymilk Action


Up until now I’ve tried not to get political on this blog. I guess I’ve never like politics because it divides people so much and because most politicians seem so fake. I’ve quietly voted as best as I’ve known how. However, with the way our government has been acting, I’ve found it necessary to suddenly BE political for the sake of my children and my friends who are without jobs. We’re moving deeper into socialism at an alarming rate. This will only give us LESS freedom to choose what’s best for our health.
It doesn’t take a genius to realize that sending our nation into further debt is NOT going to restore our economy. The federal government already owes $56 TRILLION (in liabilities and unfunded commitments). The only way to pay for this crazy “stimulus” is by inflation. This means the government will have to print more money, which will bring down the value of the American dollar. This in turn will bring the prices of everything even higher. So, will THAT inspire us all to spend more? No. This will only make us spend LESS (out of necessity) which will further destroy jobs. According to Campaign for Liberty, “At this very minute, an American child is born into $184,000 of debt.” What kind of life are we leaving for our children? The only way to heal this economy is to have LESS government involvement through cutting taxes (including the income tax) and decreasing spending. Congress was the one that caused all these economic problems in the first place. I was shocked to find out that the average American works for FREE for the government for six months out of the year. That’s right! Half of the average American’s money is stolen through taxes. This is NOT right! We’ve bought into the idea that it’s acceptable for the government to take our money and re-distribute it to the poor, because (of course) we want to CARE for the poor. The problem is, that’s not the government’s responsibility. That’s OUR responsibility. Caring for each-other is something individuals must do. People are already great at this! Just look at the Katrina recovery. Most of it has come through caring people, not the bureaucrats. Volunteers are the heart and soul of this country. Let’s face it, Americans are GREAT at volunteering! :)

image I’ve been reading “The Revolution: A Manifesto” by Ron Paul and it is excellent! It explains in very simple terms how we’ve gotten to this point economically and what needs to be done to right the situation. I can’t recommend it enough! I’m hoping to loan out my copy of the book to as many people as possible.

For more exceptional thinking on this crisis, visit: Campaign for Liberty

Support “Raw Milk” bill

The fight for raw milk continues. Congressman Ron Paul has introduced a piece of legislation “to authorize the interstate traffic of unpasteurized milk and milk products that are packaged for direct human consumption.” This bill, (H.R.778) will not do away with each state’s decisions regarding raw milk but will make it legal to bring raw milk from other states into states where it cannot be sold. The whole idea that the government can dictate what we eat is absurd and unconstitutional. This bill won’t fix everything but at least it’s a step towards more health freedoms. I encourage you to contact your local representative and ask them to support bill HR 778! :)

SIDS Prevention

image Would you be surprised to know that SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome) is almost completely preventable? The name implies that the cause is unknown but in reality the cause has been known for about 12 years! SIDS occurs due to a couple reasons. First, studies have directly linked the Pertussis vaccine (in the DTP shot) to SIDS. According to a study quoted in The Vaccine Safety Manual, “70% of children who died of SIDS had received the pertussis vaccine within three weeks.” The pertussis vaccine can cause the baby’s breathing to be extremely strained. This introduces the second aspect of SIDS. Crib mattresses in the US are required by law to be treated with some sort of flame retardants, either chemical (like formaldehyde) or natural (such as wool). So what happens is the baby’s breathing is already stressed due to the Pertussis vaccine and then when the baby inhales toxic nerve gases emitted from his crib mattress it just becomes too much for his immature body to handle. The nerve gases are produced when a fungus develops in the mattress and ‘eats’ the flame retardants there. This would explain why the recommendations to have babies sleep on their backs in a well-ventilated room has ‘slightly’ decreased the occurrences of SIDS. Most cases of SIDS occur in the first few months of life. Fortunately you can take steps to prevent SIDS (or more accurately named, ‘Crib Death’) You can choose not to get the Pertussis vaccine (DTP). You can help by ‘wrapping’ your conventional crib mattress. This is done by wrapping the mattress with a polyethylene cover. This cover separates the baby from the toxic fumes. BabeSafe mattress covers can be found at Eve’s Best. They’re much cheaper than buying an organic mattress. I have yet to find them for full-size beds yet though. I would like to just buy a roll of food-grade polyethylene sheeting and use that to wrap all the mattresses in our house but I’m not sure where to get it. You can also buy organic mattresses wrapped in wool (a natural flame retardant).

So why isn’t this news widespread? There has been a LOT of money given for SIDS research! Like I’ve said before, it’s amazing how many things come down to money and greed!

Please help spread the word about SIDS/Crib Death! It’s so frustrating that parents aren’t even made aware of these facts! The media and the medical profession at large refuse to acknowledge these causes.

“Vaccine Safety Manual: For Concerned Families and Health Practitioners” by Neil Z. Miller
Mattress Off-gassing Confusion on the Net
Research which confirms the toxic gas explanation for crib death
Cot Death: A Single Primary Cause

America: Freedom to Fascism

imageWe have this idea that the government is looking out for us and exists for our benefit. I know enough about the FDA and CDC to know this is quite questionable. The idea that the IRS might also have problems didn’t come as much of a surprise to me. There is a LOT of corruption in our government I’m sad to say. There’s a lot of money in it so that explains why. Did you know we are not required by law to pay an income tax? It’s a shocker huh? I found this documentary to be very informative. As much as I don’t like politics I can’t ignore this issue. I’m currently working out what my role should now be as an American citizen.

America: Freedom to Fascism - Director’s Authorized Version

After watching the movie, I did some reading into this and apparently there have been many cases where people have been charged with “willful failure to file” and have been found “not guilty.” Then there are those that have been found “guilty” and have gone to prison. My question is, if the law is clear-cut about this, why are there mixed results in the courts? It’s enough reasonable doubt to make me very wary of the government’s authenticity.

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