Book Review: Goose’s Story

image Here in an excellent children’s book that I highly recommend. It’s the story of a goose with one leg who struggles to survive and to fit in with the other geese. I love that it’s a true story! This book is inspiring for both children and adults. I even found myself tearing up at the end!

Pregnancy Sickness

I apologize for my absence on here lately. I’ve been fighting horrible pregnancy sickness. Thankfully though, things have gotten much better. A midwife friend recommended I take milk-thistle supplements to help with the nausea and boy was I glad she did! While they have not eliminated all nausea, they have helped greatly! I was at the point where I wasn’t able to do ANYthing. All I could do was curl up in a ball and be miserable. While I still can’t stand to cook food, I am much more active and not in endless misery.

image I recently read a great book called, “Pregnancy Sickness: Using Your Body’s Natural Defenses to Protect Your Baby-to-Be” by Margie Profet. This book explains how my food aversions are a way of protecting my unborn baby from potential toxins. I’d always seen food aversions and nausea in the first trimester as just a royal pain that had to be endured. I’m much relieved to learn that this sickness actually serves a purpose! Reading the book also helped to eliminate my guilt over not being able to eat a huge variety of foods right now. I highly, highly recommend you read this book if you are planning on getting pregnant or if you’re newly pregnant! Seriously!

Book Review: On Meadowview Street

image“On Meadowview Street”
by. Henry Cole
This was a refreshing book to read. In this children’s book a young girl named Caroline moves to Meadowview Street. Ironically there are no meadows to be found there. Without realizing it Caroline ends up creating her own meadow in the family’s yard. Their “yard” becomes a habitat for insects, birds and wildflowers. Eventually the whole neighborhood follows her lead and every yard is transformed into a natural habitat.

I love this story because I’m not a big fan of the pristine American lawn. The idea of such a huge monoculture just doesn’t seem very natural to me. If I had my way my lawn would be a natural habitat just like Caroline’s with a variety of plants and creatures all working together in harmony. Until then I can dream can’t I?

Getting Lost

Within the past month my daughter lost track of me in the store and nearly flipped out. Since then I’ve been trying to re-affirm that she obey mommy and stay where I tell her to so that she doesn’t get lost. Around the same time I happened upon two new children’s books in the library that helped to support this idea.

image“Grady the Goose” by Denise Brennan-Nelson; Illustrated by Michael Glenn Monroe
In this story a young gosling keeps wandering off from the family and eventually loses them altogether when the family flies south for the winter. Everything works out in the end and she learns to stay close. I’m especially fond of this book as it is published by Sleeping Bear Press. They feature local Michigan writers and artists and offer many other fabulous books that I hope to talk more about in the future.

image“Little Otter’s Big Journey” by David Bedford; Illustrated by Susan Winter
I love the little animals in this story. The baby otter just tugs at your heart! Like the other book, this story shows children why wandering off can lead to trouble. The final phrase in the book is something I want my daughter to remember throughout life, “No matter where you are, my baby, I’ll always find you.”

Greening Your Housekeeping

In seeking to live a greener and healthier life one of the first changes I needed to make was with my cleaning products. I always hated cleaning the bathroom because my cleaners would smell so strong and make my eyes burn. I had to turn on the exhaust fan just to make it bearable. All the while I never realized how horrible it was to be breathing them in. It never even occurred to me that they might not be good for my health or that there would even be alternatives. I was pleased to find however that there are not only alternatives but they are often cheaper!
Vinegar and baking soda are now staple items in my home. They’re a natural homemaker’s best friends! Not only do I use them to clean, I use them in my hair (more about that another time)! Baking soda is a natural abrasive. I use it to scrub out the sink and then spray with vinegar to kill off any molds. It sure beats bleach! I avoid bleach at all costs!
Here are two books that I highly recommend if interested in creating a healthier cleaning environment for you and your family.
image “Organic Housekeeping: In Which the Non-Toxic Avenger Shows You How to Improve Your Health and That of Your Family, While You Save Time, Money, and, Perhaps, Your Sanity” by Ellen Sandbeck. This book is chock full of ways to green your household!

Here’s basically what it covers:

better ways to use your space (organization)
healthy habits in the kitchen
appliance efficiency
hazards in beauty products
laundry protocol
cleaning the whole house
air quality
household safety
taking care of pets

It pretty much has everything you could ever want to know about keeping your household green! With all this information it does take awhile to read. I recommend reading it through once, making a list of several changes you’d like to make and then using the book for reference. Don’t try to change everything at once or you may get overwhelmed and give up on it all together. I’m glad for the changes we’ve been able to make in our house but I still have a lot to do to get things where I want them.

image “Green This! Volume 1: Greening Your Cleaning” by Deirdre Imus. This book is an excellent book to start out with. It’s a much shorter read and still a good resource for greening up your home. In “Green This” Deirdre explains why greener cleaners are needed and warns of the health hazards from conventional cleaners.

Hooray for healthy homes! 

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