Puppet Theatre

image Puppets are a lot of fun and inspire so much creativity! It’s fascinating how puppets seem to captivate the attentions of young children. For Emma’s 5th birthday this past week I decided to make her a puppet theatre. Amy Karol has written a fabulous book titled, “Bend the Rules Sewing” that I just love! Each step of her sewing projects are accompanied by simple diagrams that make sewing easier for visual people like myself. Thanks to her easy-to-understand instructions I was able to make it. Because I wasn’t feeling up to it the week before her birthday I ended up sewing it the day of her party. I didn’t finish it until 30 minutes after her party was supposed to start! Yikes! Thank God for my husband who graciously welcomed guests and served up the Haitian food that he had spent days preparing! What a sweetie!

Mosaic Birdbath

image While my latest project took time to make, it was a lot of fun! We had an old birdbath that was looking quite dirty and worn so I figured it would be perfect for my first big mosaic project. Up until this point I had done a few small projects but nothing of this size.
I had read online that putting a piece of copper pipe in your birdbath can help to prevent to prevent algae from growing so I incorporated some pennies into the design. So far it’s worked but my pennies are starting to tarnish quite a bit. I think it’s because I haven’t been keeping the water level above the pennies. 

Painted Dandelions

image I’ve wanted to do something special in Emma’s room for awhile now but I wasn’t sure what. Then I came up with the idea of dandelions. To me dandelions make me think of childhood innocence. Children delight in blowing the seeds off dandelion heads, watching the seeds float into the sky. It’s not even a thought in their mind that they are considered a weed. Thankfully Emma loves them and I love the idea that she is probably the only one in town with dandelions decorating her room! :)

Recycled project: Hopscotch rug

image Here’s a green project we did recently. I found several carpet samples for sale at a thrift store and thought they would make a fun carpet for our play area. I originally planned on sewing them together in a rectangle shape but then came up with the idea to make a hopscotch rug. My daughter has been into hopscotch lately so she loves it. This not only added a colorful accent to our floor but is functional too in that Emma can play on it.

At 50 cents a square the rug cost only $5 to make! If you try to make this yourself here is what I recommend: I found it hard to get a needle through the thick carpet (even a thick needle) so I first poked holes in it with an icepick and that did the trick.

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