Dyeing Eggs

image It’s been years since we dyed eggs so we decided to color Easter eggs this year since our daughter is now four. I wasn’t sure how well our free-range brown eggs would dye so I was pleasantly surprised when they took the dye so nicely. We did put quite a few drops of color in the vinegar water! Even though the eggs didn’t dye in the typical pastel colors I love how they turned out. They have an earthy feel that I find refreshing and different! 

We’re Having a Baby!

I’m pleased to announce we’re having another baby! After wanting another child for quite awhile we are so thankful to be pregnant again! My four-year-old daughter has been praying for a baby and finally her prayers (and ours) were answered with a “yes!”

By my calculations I will be due in early November. We’re excited to meet our new midwife this week! Hooray! I’m so excited and thankful for this new little life. 

Reflections on 2007

image Looking back over this past year I’m pleased at the changes we’ve been able to make for our health. Each step we take towards better health is a step in the right direction, no matter how small. If there’s one thing I’ve learned though it’s that there are no guarantees. Sometimes I think if I just eliminate all toxins from our lives, eat well, get enough sleep and do what I’m supposed to then everything will be fine. But the truth is we aren’t in control even though we’d like to think we are. All we can do is to try our best with what we have and what we know.

There is one vital element to good health that I have neglected to mention so far. At times this past year I’ve tried to live healthily without it and it just isn’t possible. We are holistic creatures who are intricately designed. Each part of our lives affects the other parts. When I neglect my spiritual life the rest of my life suffers. All of life is spiritual. I’ve learned that I need God each and every day. I had lost my joy and my peace trying to control my life and thought I knew what was best for me and my family. I finally came to the point where I let go of the control I thought I had and let my Heavenly Father take the wheel. I guess I didn’t realize that God’s commands aren’t something we have to do to appease Him but are the way to true, whole living. Jesus himself is life! The life He calls us to is the best kind of life. The life He calls us to isn’t free of pain however. The trick is to learn from pain and grow through it. Just like pain protects our bodies from further injury, pain in life helps us know we’re alive! It was through experiencing pain that I cried out to God and he came to my rescue! Since then he’s given me such JOY! Joy is the theme of my life now. The joy He’s given me has done more for my health than any supplement or food can do. Pursuing good health is still a strong passion of mine and spending time with my heavenly father is the beginning of it.

May each of you experience every facet of good health this next year!

Give a Friend a Pumpkin

image My dear friend Valerie brought me a pumpkin today. In addition, she brought 4 jars of home-made salsa and a mini-bouquet of zinnias. It made my day!
What a great idea this is! Try taking your friend something special today. It can be as simple as a pumpkin. Or, as Joe Fox in “You’ve Got Mail” suggests, “a bouquet of freshly sharpened pencils!”

Potato Harvesting Day

This past weekend my little family and I went potato digging at our local CSA farm. It turned out to be a beautiful day! It was cool but sunny! The farm provided old work gloves that all of us, including Emma wore. When we first started, Emma wanted to dig too. After awhile though she got tired and was put in charge putting the harvested potatoes into the bucket. Here’s Emma & Aaron working together.

In all there were about 5 different varieties of potatoes harvested. They were anywhere from white to dark purple and ranged from large to very small. We were really surprised when the first type we harvested were about the size of my thumb! I guess that’s why they call them, ‘fingerling’ potatoes. I’m assuming you just leave them whole and don’t bother to peel them.

Emma held her first caterpillar! I was really surprised she let it crawl on her as I thought she’d be scared. It was such a cute moment!

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