It’s me!

Hello all! I’m back again. I’ve been taking a break from Dandelion Path in order to pursue a simpler lifestyle. I had devoted too much headspace to too many things and needed to prioritize. While I enjoy Dandelion Path I cannot let it get in the way of giving my best to my family.

It’s recommended that bloggers write often to keep their readers interested. While I can understand the logic of this, it just doesn’t fit into my lifestyle. Because I want to live healthily I value simplicity. Living simply requires me to decide what is most important in my life and to live like I believe it.

Though we may often be unaware of it our culture tends to idolize busyness. There is this idea that to get the most out of life we have to cram our schedules with activity. We might admire the Mom who does it all or think that someone who has more children is better than us because it keeps them “busy.” The “Supermom” and work-a-holic dad are viewed as ‘driven’ rather than out of balance. I would like to suggest that these ideas simply are not true.

And so, from now on I will be writing less because I’m choosing to devote myself fully to a FEW things rather than to everything. In so doing I can truly live life to the fullest!

Health and Wellness Fair - Grand Rapids

image If you live in the Grand Rapids, Michigan area you should know about the Genesis Health and Wellness Fair this Saturday, March 28th from 10am to 3pm. This free event will feature over 50 exhibitors as well as several workshops by holistic & natural health experts. There will even be some events for kids! I have connections with several of the exhibitors so I’m super excited about going! My midwife will even be one of the exhibitors! I think it will be great not only to get more information concerning health but also just to be around like-minded people. Living a natural lifestyle can be lonely sometimes in our current culture. It will be good to be with others who value whole foods, holistic health & sustainable living.

You can get more information and view the schedule here: Genesis Health & Wellness Fair

Life is too short to eat yucky food

I have my husband rate my cooking. I started doing this because when I would ask him how he liked the food, his descriptions were less than informative. So now he rates each meal between a 1 and a 10. Men can be hard to understand but a rating makes it much clearer. Most of my meals lately seem to be a 7.
However, I’m not content to live with a seven.

My GOAL: to develop a menu where every meal we eat is a 9 or a 10. Life is too short to eat anything less!

Think about it. If delicious, healthy food is just a matter of finding the right recipes and developing the appropriate skills, then why settle for mediocre meals.

You might think eating healthy is too expensive. While I think it CAN be it doesn’t HAVE to be. Processed foods are what can really break you. We live on a pretty modest income and yet I am still able to buy fresh, whole food on a regular basis. It’s just a matter of prioritizing and knowing how best to buy. It isn’t always necessary to buy organic. Some produce has higher levels of pesticides than others. For instance, I usually buy conventional broccoli, bananas and avocados but I try to only buy organic apples, grapes & peaches.

IF it is possible to make delicious, healthy, food and still live within our budget, why would I do otherwise?

And so, I keep trying. Despite many setbacks I’m determined to press on, because the health and happiness of my family is worth it. Giving us the best odds for avoiding chronic illnesses is worth it. Smiles around the family table are worth it.

Keep in mind that there’s a difference between health-food and healthy food. Check out my post on Health Food vs. Whole Food to see why.

Valentine Tree

imageBecause the Christmas season was so short this year we decided to make our tree into a Valentine tree. When I was a kid my mom did this with our Christmas tree and I loved it! Once married I tried this with our live Christmas tree and was in for quite a surprise! I was sitting on the floor one night working on a craft project when I noticed there was a LOT of dirt under the tree! Only… wasn’t DIRT! was millions of teeny tiny BUGS!

Unbeknownst to us there was evidently a nest of bug eggs that had hatched. This probably happened because we had the tree in the warm indoors so long. It was SO disgusting getting that tree out of the house. The whole way out the door bugs were dropping EVERYwhere! Needless to say we no longer buy live trees because of that incident! :)

Roller Skating

image This month I started taking Emma to the home-school roller skating event. It’s been such a blast from the past! When I was home-schooled years ago we used to go roller skating quite regularly. It was one of my favorite home-school outings. Emma was so tipsy at first but started getting pretty stable by the time the two hours were up. We had a lot of fun and it was great exercise! It was especially nice to spend some one on one time with Emma. Since Katie has been born it’s been harder to do things together so it was good to connect.

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