Lowes Build and Grow

This past summer Emma decided that she wanted to learn to work with wood. Shortly after we discovered that Lowes runs a program where kids can come and build a simple wood project for FREE! They usually do a couple projects a month and provide all that is needed. As a bonus, the kids get to keep their work apron. Whenever they complete a project they’re given a badge that can be sewn onto the apron.

The projects are recommended for grades 1-5 but younger kids could do them as well with an adult’s help. They do have a maximum amount of kids that they can accommodate so it’s best to register at least a few days in advance. I sign up as soon as they post the project!

You can sign up on their website: Lowes Build and Grow

So far Emma has built a race car, ball and cup game, schoolbus and a bug box. I’m amazed that they offer this for free! You can also purchase additional kits inside their store to do at home. 

Fuzzy Wuzzy

Fuzzy Wuzzy (in this case) is not a bear!image Emma found a banded woolly bear caterpillar a couple weeks ago and we decided to keep him as a ‘pet.’ We’re hoping to see him turn into a moth. The nice thing is he’s very easy to care for. We put him in a gallon-size clear jar with a rubber band holding a piece of cloth around the top. We put a couple sticks and some fresh grass in the jar too. All he needs is fresh grass every day.

Emma came to me all horrified one morning thinking he was dead. It turns out he had just knit his cocoon around himself so now we’re waiting to see if he makes it to the moth stage. Fun!

For a little more fun, check out this GIANT banded woolly bear! ;)
Giant Woolly Bear Caterpillar Discovered

Vaccine Recall

Well, today I’m feeling re-affirmed in our decision NOT to vaccinate our daughter (now 17 months old). There are just so many things wrong with vaccines! This recent case of the FDA recalling the Rotavirus vaccine just shows how murky the “safety” is of vaccines. My heart goes out to everyone who’s child has been injured by vaccines! It’s just not right that so many doctors (who are supposed to look out for our children’s health) continue to recommend these very unsafe “prevention” measures.
The FDA shuts down common infant vaccine after startling discovery

Precious Memories

image My husband recently taught my oldest daughter to ride her bike. I knew it would be fun to see him teach her but I had no idea what a special moment it would be. I felt so much joy and pride! Both my husband and my daughter were really patient with one another and I’m sure that’s why it went so smoothly! I also had the privilege of teaching my daughter to read a couple years ago and it felt amazing! There are many days that I feel tired and worn out and I’m not the best mom on those days. But then there are days when we build with blocks, make cookies or snuggle on the couch and read Fancy Nancy. These are the moments I cherish and want to hold on to. It’s not about being the perfect parent. We are all flawed and we’ll mess some things up. What’s important is that our children know we love them. It’s ok for them to see that sometimes we’re weak and sometimes make mistakes. That’s real life. That takes the pressure off them to live a perfect life. It’s a powerful experience for them to see us going to God for strength or to have us apologize to them when we’ve spoken out of anger. I want to live authentically for my children and yet not dwell too much on my imperfections or theirs. I choose to celebrate the good! I know it’s been said many times but the advice to “count our blessings” is a wise one. We have so many!

How to make a baby wrap

image When my latest daughter was born I knew I wanted to have a comfortable baby carrier. In the past I had used a sling (that I made) and it wasn’t at all comfortable. It made my arm feel like it was going to go out of joint! I would have such an upper back ache after using it. Some people use them though and love them so I’m not sure what went wrong with mine.

After looking into it I thought the “Moby Wrap” looked like a good choice. With this wrap the baby’s weight is distributed evenly across your back and waist so it’s very ergonomic and comfortable. Instead of buying the name-brand wrap I ended up making my own. It ended up being SUPER simple and much cheaper. It look about 10 minutes and NO sewing! It’s just one long strip of fabric that you wrap around you. I made mine with a cotton/spandex knit blend (95% cotton, 5% spandex). This allows it to breath and yet be flexible. It’s great too because the edges roll up a bit on themselves and don’t fray so you don’t have to sew them. As the baby gets much heavier you can make it with a thicker, stiffer fabric for more support. Here are the dimensions if you are interested in making one:

16 ft long (5.5 yards) - You can make it longer if you’re heavier.
Cut fabric 21” wide at widest - I folded it in half, and it’s at 21” width for 70” before tapering it down (so 140” unfolded)
4” at the very narrowest end

This made two wraps (for half the price of one commercial wrap) so I was able to give one away to a friend.

I absolutely LOVED using this wrap! It was so comfy! It was great being able to cover my daughter’s head with the fabric when she needed shade or needed to sleep. Plus, I could pull the fabric over her legs to help keep her warm when it was cold out. It may look tricky to wear this wrap but it’s actually quite easy! The only thing about it is that it’s a very long piece of fabric so parts of it will sit on the floor or ground as you’re putting it on. This didn’t bother me though. You can check out the ‘Moby Wrap’ website for instructions on how to put on the wrap.

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