Support Organic Farming

Now that the growing season is over I find I’m missing all the fresh produce from the local organic farm. Forced to scrounge the supermarket for something ‘fresh,’ I’m temped to give in and buy foods laced with heavy pesticides and grown in depleted soil just because they look appealing. It’s times like this that I need to remind myself of the reasons why I support organic farming.

When I first switched to buying organic I did so basically to keep my family from eating pesticides.  So many pesticides have been linked with cancer and various other health problems that I wanted our family to be as far from them as possible! Since then my understanding of the organic process has grown and I’m even more committed! Buying organic supports a sustainable system that works in harmony with nature. The soil, air, microorganisms, insects, animals and humans all work together for the benefit of each other. While the organic system isn’t without flaws, I think it’s worth supporting. The most effective way we have of bringing about change in our food system is with our buying power.

While local, organic food is the best choice, buying local non-organic food is a close second. Buying from small, local farmers and farmer’s markets subvert the corrupt food empire. Let’s support our struggling small farmers whenever we can.

I highly recommend you check out these two video clips! They are very well done!

Supermarket Secrets 1
Supermarket Secrets 2

Child Soldiers

It seems hard to believe that anyone would be so cruel as to force a child to kill. Yet the reality is this happens around the world on a regular basis. Nine different countries have been implicated. Out of those nine countries, eight of them receive U.S. military aid. Please support the Child Soldier Prevention Act.!

Check out this short video: Children in the Ranks

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