Dyeing Eggs

image It’s been years since we dyed eggs so we decided to color Easter eggs this year since our daughter is now four. I wasn’t sure how well our free-range brown eggs would dye so I was pleasantly surprised when they took the dye so nicely. We did put quite a few drops of color in the vinegar water! Even though the eggs didn’t dye in the typical pastel colors I love how they turned out. They have an earthy feel that I find refreshing and different! 

Health Food vs. Whole Food

It’s funny how people confuse whole foods and health foods. I’ve had people ask me about my “health food” diet and I have to explain to them that I don’t eat “health food.” Here’s how the two are different. Health food includes all sorts of soy products (which I try to avoid) and specialty pre-packaged meals and snacks. Some health foods are rather weird and IMO not very appetizing. Whole foods are foods in their purest (and need I mention tastiest) form. The closer to the earth a food is the more whole it is and I believe the healthier it is. Whole foods benefit not only those who eat them but benefit animals and the environment. It’s strange how eating real food is now seen as an alternative diet. All I do is try to eat the way people have eaten for generations. Food is meant to be enjoyed and is supposed to be good for your body. Anything less and I’d rather not waste my time with it.

So there we have it. :)

Time and Energy

"Housecleaning involves two things. It involves our time and our energy. What do our children crave most: our time and our energy. The American family has a problem when our floors and carpets receive more care and attention than our children.”

-- Brook Noel

Safety of Ultrasound

With my first pregnancy my midwife recommended that we stay away from ultrasounds. At the time I wasn’t sure why but I trusted her judgment and wasn’t that concerned with knowing the baby’s sex anyway. Now that I’m pregnant again I started investigating ultrasound to see what the issue is. What I found confirms the concerns of my midwife.

It turns out there is a strong correlation between ultrasounds and autism. I always thought vaccinations were to blame for this but the evidence is quite convincing that ultrasounds play a large part in the problem of autism. Despite Thimerosal being removed from vaccines the rates for autism are still increasing. Interestingly, there is a higher rate of autism among twins. Usually mothers carrying multiple babies are scanned more frequently. This doesn’t sound like a coincidence to me. There is enough evidence regarding the harmful effects of ultrasound to keep me away from it. It’s a shame that women aren’t informed of the risks before they choose to have an ultrasound done. That’s the way our medical system works though. They aren’t always looking out for our best interests.

You can read about ultrasound in this article from Midwifery Today.

We’re Having a Baby!

I’m pleased to announce we’re having another baby! After wanting another child for quite awhile we are so thankful to be pregnant again! My four-year-old daughter has been praying for a baby and finally her prayers (and ours) were answered with a “yes!”

By my calculations I will be due in early November. We’re excited to meet our new midwife this week! Hooray! I’m so excited and thankful for this new little life. 

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