Celebrate Earth Day

image Happy Earth Day everyone! To celebrate Earth Day this year, I would like to challenge us all (myself included) to actually BE outside for awhile today. Even if only for a few minutes, being in nature can be such a healing and refreshing activity. Sometimes we can write about being green, buy green products, advocate for the environment and yet rarely even be in contact with creation.

So today go surround yourself with green (and no I don’t mean money)! Just sit in silence (outside) and feel the breeze, hear the birds and breath in the fresh air. If there’s a park nearby, have a picnic lunch or take a walk. If you’re stuck in an office all day, go buy a plant or two to put on your desk.

This planet with live on is absolutely stunning! May you be enchanted by its beauty today!

Spring Is Here!

image It finally feels like spring here! The weather has been in the 60’s this week and the daffodils are beginning to bloom. I have to say, I totally love the different seasons! I find that I’m ready for each seasonal change as it comes along. Winter provides a great chance to rest and store up energy for the spring and summer. By Fall I’m ready for a nice winter rest. I don’t think I could ever live in a place that doesn’t have four seasons!

Cholesterol Hoax

It never ceases to amaze me how money is the driving force behind so much of our world. So much of what is considered to be “science” seems to be tainted by bribery. An example of this is the whole “cholesterol is bad” fad. The idea that high cholesterol leads to heart problems seems to be everywhere and yet there is no evidence that this is true. This flawed theory has only served to pad the pockets of many in the food and drug industries. Traditional, healthy fats such as real butter, lard and olive oils have been replaced with harmful processed oils and fake butter (margarine).

Those with high cholesterol are actually living the longest! Cholesterol is made to protect us from infection! So if yours is high, no need to worry! The only consequence may be you will outlive your low-cholesterol friends!

The Cholesterol Myths
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Pregnancy Sickness

I apologize for my absence on here lately. I’ve been fighting horrible pregnancy sickness. Thankfully though, things have gotten much better. A midwife friend recommended I take milk-thistle supplements to help with the nausea and boy was I glad she did! While they have not eliminated all nausea, they have helped greatly! I was at the point where I wasn’t able to do ANYthing. All I could do was curl up in a ball and be miserable. While I still can’t stand to cook food, I am much more active and not in endless misery.

image I recently read a great book called, “Pregnancy Sickness: Using Your Body’s Natural Defenses to Protect Your Baby-to-Be” by Margie Profet. This book explains how my food aversions are a way of protecting my unborn baby from potential toxins. I’d always seen food aversions and nausea in the first trimester as just a royal pain that had to be endured. I’m much relieved to learn that this sickness actually serves a purpose! Reading the book also helped to eliminate my guilt over not being able to eat a huge variety of foods right now. I highly, highly recommend you read this book if you are planning on getting pregnant or if you’re newly pregnant! Seriously!

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