Mmmmmm Blueberries!

image Blueberry season has begun here in Michigan! This past week we went blueberry picking at the local U-pick place a few miles from home. Blueberries are my favorite fruit and here’s why:

1. They are one of the lesser sprayed fruits (low on the pesticide list).
2. They’re relatively inexpensive here ($1/pound this year for U-pick)
3. They are easy to pick and there are no stems, pits or peels to remove.
4. To stock up on them for the rest of the year you can just rinse them, throw them into a freezer ziplock bag and freeze them! They break apart easily even when frozen.
5. They are extremely high in antioxidants.
6. They’re so versatile! Throw them in granola, oatmeal, a smoothie, yogurt, a pie, cover pound cake with them or just eat them plain.
7. They’re delicious! 

Simplicity in Flower Arranging

image More is not always better.

While large flower bouquets are quite attractive and glorious, sometimes the simple displays offer even more. Individual flowers can get lost in a large arrangement and their simple beauty may go unnoticed. The next time you pick flowers from your garden consider picking just a few stems and placing them in separate bud vases. One of the advantages of arranging flowers this way is that you don’t have to have the quantity that is needed for a larger display. You don’t even have to have flowers blooming. Different sprigs of greenery can be relaxing to gaze upon as well. In the winter you can use a single branch or a sprig of evergreen.

Since displaying flowers this way, I’ve noticed that I look at them more often. In addition, my 4-year-old daughter, Emma, has learned the names of each flower I bring inside.

Pictured from left to right: Geranium, Butterfly Bush, Black Eyed Susan


imageI have a confession to make.
I have an unexplainable passion for France, particularly Paris! Maybe it’s the romance associated with that place. I mean, who wouldn’t love to kiss beneath the Eiffel tower? Maybe it’s their beautiful language. Maybe it’s the gorgeous countryside. Maybe it’s their love and appreciation for food.

I think....

it’s all of the above!

There is an excellent, excellent article on the French way of eating posted at “Almost Fit” that I highly recommend you check out! The French eat in a way that most Americans would consider unhealthy and yet enjoy much better health than those in the U.S. The French are proof that real food is best for our health and for our enjoyment! Here’s the article: ”Food, Drink, and Decadence: How the French Stay Thin

Someday I just know I’ll get to visit France. When I do, I’ll buy fresh baked bread from the boulangerie each day and sit along a river with brush in hand pretending that I can paint! :)

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