This is sad. Is this the “change” we can look forward to? Is “going green” just something we talk about to sound cool?

Obama’s “Green” Inaugural Turns National Mall into Trash Dump

2009 Resolutions

Happy New Year everyone! I love how a new year brings a fresh start! Here are my resolutions for this year:

*Develop a weekly, gourmet menu of delicious, healthy food.
*Drink LOTS of water.
*Get enough sleep.
*Get dishes washed each evening.
*Spend time with God each morning.
*Regularly sit in silence.
*Spend more “fully present” time with my family.
*Avoid distractions from my main purposes even if they’re good.
*Breath from my stomach and take about 6 breaths a minute.

What are yours? :)

Pursue Life

Another great quote:
“First things first. Your business is life, not death. Follow me. Pursue life.”

(Matthew 8, ‘The Message’)

Raw Milk Article

Hooray for another great article on raw milk! Check it out!

“A Sip of Raw Milk” by Selena Rifkin

“Darrell’s Dream” Playground

Over the holidays we’ve been visiting my parents down in east Tennessee where I grew up. While we were here we decided to visit one of my favorite parks, “Warrior’s Path State Park.” We were pleasantly surprised to find they had added a new play area called, “Darrell’s Dream: A place where children of all abilities grow through play.” It’s a huge play area nestled in the mountainside.

I love how they’ve designed the place to be wheelchair friendly and how braille is incorporated throughout the play area. There’s a special playground for younger children as well as play equipment strong enough for adults. This makes it a great place for the whole family to play together. There’s “Sand Island,” a station where kids can experiment with leaves, sand and other natural materials surrounding them and a sensory garden filled with herbs. Surrounding the whole complex is a paved trail that wanders past the river and through the woods. If you’re ever in the area (Kingsport, TN) it’s a great place to visit with your kids. image

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