Carrot-Cake Cookies

Mmmm, desserts! What would life be like without them? Eating healthily is a huge passion of mine but to be honest, I enjoy the act of making sweets more. This may come as a shock, but I don’t actually “healthilize” my desserts. I figure I’d rather indulge in the real thing and do it only occasionally than compromise on taste by adding whole-wheat flour or breaking the bank by using a cup of honey. There is one thing that I always use though, and that’s butter (rather than margarine or processed oils). We actually go through a LOT of butter in our house. :)

My favorite desserts are ones that incorporate veggies or fruits into them such as banana bread or zucchini bread. I recently came across another recipe that I really like by Martha Stewart. They’re called “Carrot-cake cookies” and while they don’t totally taste like carrot cake, they ARE delicious! With a cream cheese “filling” they’re a bit fancier than the average cookie and totally scrumptious! I did substitute raisins for the currants.

Martha Stewart: Carrot-Cake Cookies

Here’s another version that I’d like to try that includes crushed pineapple:
Allrecipes: Carrot-Cake Cookies

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