Precious Memories

image My husband recently taught my oldest daughter to ride her bike. I knew it would be fun to see him teach her but I had no idea what a special moment it would be. I felt so much joy and pride! Both my husband and my daughter were really patient with one another and I’m sure that’s why it went so smoothly! I also had the privilege of teaching my daughter to read a couple years ago and it felt amazing! There are many days that I feel tired and worn out and I’m not the best mom on those days. But then there are days when we build with blocks, make cookies or snuggle on the couch and read Fancy Nancy. These are the moments I cherish and want to hold on to. It’s not about being the perfect parent. We are all flawed and we’ll mess some things up. What’s important is that our children know we love them. It’s ok for them to see that sometimes we’re weak and sometimes make mistakes. That’s real life. That takes the pressure off them to live a perfect life. It’s a powerful experience for them to see us going to God for strength or to have us apologize to them when we’ve spoken out of anger. I want to live authentically for my children and yet not dwell too much on my imperfections or theirs. I choose to celebrate the good! I know it’s been said many times but the advice to “count our blessings” is a wise one. We have so many!

Nestle Boycott

image Many people love Nestle chocolate, Edy’s ice-cream and Nescafe coffee. Unfortunately the Nestle company is less than worthy of our financial support. For years they’ve been marketing their baby formula to people in some of the poorest countries. Their commercials basically claim that the formula will make child geniuses and unfortunately many many poor people have fallen for it. This has caused a lot of unnecessary death and health issues among the children. You can view the whole story here:

Formula for Disaster 1
Formula for Disaster 2
Formula for Disaster 3
Formula for Disaster 4
Formula for Disaster 5

List of US Nestle Products
It may surprise you how many products are made by Nestle!

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Babymilk Action

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