About Me

The short & simple version

Grew up in east Tennessee.

Lives in Grand Rapids, Michigan area with husband & two daughters.

Free spirit with a love for life & health.

The longer but more interesting version

Laura Rose

I was born in the beautiful mountains of east Tennessee. My childhood was a happy one climbing the big cottonwood tree in our front yard, making hideouts in the woods out back and pretending to be “Detective Rose.” With two sets of twins surrounding me I had lots of family time. My mother’s love for travel took our family to 25 states in our Volkswagen camper van.

Both my mother and father have been hugely influential in my life. Mom gave me the freedom to grow and change and learn. My dad’s sense of humor added a special touch of fun to my childhood.

I now live in the Grand Rapids, Michigan area with my husband Aaron and daughters Emma and Katie. They are all so dear to me. I greatly appreciate their patience with me and my scatterbrained ways.

The Dandelion Path

The dandelion is a marvelous gift from God and yet is grossly misunderstood. Every part of the dandelion can be eaten. With more than twice the nutrients of spinach, dandelions make an economical & nutritious addition to recipes. Even with all of it’s medicinal value, to the average homeowner it is just a pervasive weed that infiltrates and contaminates his pristine landscape of green. It isn’t convenient or conventional. It’s beauty and splendor often go unnoticed and unappreciated.

Just like the dandelion, the healthy path isn’t always convenient or conventional. Sometimes it can be downright hard! But it’s worth it. Our families are worth it.

Just like the dandelion, the beauty in life can be missed due to our hectic hurried lifestyles. And yet, beauty continues to bloom, our children continue to grow, and God continues to wait for us to slow down and look around. May we live well so that we are able to take it all in.

I can’t do it all but I can do what I’m able and that’s good enough. These are the chronicles of my journey to an organic, holistic and joy-filled life.

For more information on the benefits of the dandelion read ”Why Dandelions” by Peter Gail Ph.D: