A mother’s loving touch saves baby’s life

I never cease to be amazed at the power of a mother’s love! There is so much more to birth than the medical profession can understand or see. One amazing example of this comes out of Australia. A new mother had just given birth to twins but one of the babies couldn’t be resuscitated and was declared dead by the doctors. After TWO HOURS of skin to skin touch from the mother and many positive, loving words from both parents, the two-pound baby miraculously began to breath! Little baby Jamie is now five months old and doing fine. This just goes to show how technology isn’t always all we think it is. Some have this idea that if a laboring woman is surrounded by all the latest machines her baby will have the greatest chance of survival. All this mother needed was to give her warm touch and her loving words to this little one. Thank God for such a beautiful miracle!

Here’s the story: Miracle premature baby declared dead by doctors revived by mother’s touch

I applaud that mother for going with her instincts and not giving up on that baby! 

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