Book Review: I Love Dirt

imageMost of us (adults as well as children) don’t spend the time outdoors that our ancestors did in the past. Because of this we’ve grown rather disconnected from the wonders of nature. Research has demonstrated how beneficial being outdoors is for children’s mental & emotional well-being and yet we may still neglect this part of our lives.
Jennifer Ward has put together a marvelous little book that gives all sorts of creative ways to interact with and explore our environment. Most of her suggestions are simply ways to open our eyes to the details around us. She alerts us to things we may not have noticed before. I know I especially need this. I want to spend time outdoors with my daughter but I oftentimes don’t know what I should be doing out there with her. After reading her book I now have lots of options! Most of her ideas do not require any special equipment other than the five senses. While reading, several art/craft projects did come to my mind that would compliment nicely the activities she mentions. I appreciate how the book is organized by the seasons, so you can just turn to the section that applies to you at the time. In my efforts to live a more simple yet deep life, this book will be most helpful. I plan on purchasing this as one of my primary resources for Emma’s home-school Kindergarten this year. 

  • I am going to have to check this book out.  Is it more suitable for younger kids?  Mine are 12 and 10. In our homeschool group we read Last Child in the Woods.  I find books like this not only good for my children but also for me.  I realize how disconnected I can become from nature and when I reconnect, especially with my children, I feel more alive and excited about life!

  • Hi Cathy,
    Richard Louv, who wrote “Last Child in the Woods” actually wrote the forward to “I Love Dirt.” I’m thinking that the book is more geared towards younger children but I know I found it very helpful myself.
    If you can find it at your local library first before you by it that would probably be a good option. That’s what I always do. ;)