Celebrate Earth Day

image Happy Earth Day everyone! To celebrate Earth Day this year, I would like to challenge us all (myself included) to actually BE outside for awhile today. Even if only for a few minutes, being in nature can be such a healing and refreshing activity. Sometimes we can write about being green, buy green products, advocate for the environment and yet rarely even be in contact with creation.

So today go surround yourself with green (and no I don’t mean money)! Just sit in silence (outside) and feel the breeze, hear the birds and breath in the fresh air. If there’s a park nearby, have a picnic lunch or take a walk. If you’re stuck in an office all day, go buy a plant or two to put on your desk.

This planet with live on is absolutely stunning! May you be enchanted by its beauty today!

  • Human activities are increasingly altering the Earth’s climate.... It is virtually certain that increasing atmospheric concentrations of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases will cause global surface climate to be warmer. The unprecedented increases in greenhouse gas concentrations, together with other human influences on climate over the past century and those anticipated for the future, constitute a real basis for concern.

    Anyways Happy Earth Day :D