Cholesterol Hoax

It never ceases to amaze me how money is the driving force behind so much of our world. So much of what is considered to be “science” seems to be tainted by bribery. An example of this is the whole “cholesterol is bad” fad. The idea that high cholesterol leads to heart problems seems to be everywhere and yet there is no evidence that this is true. This flawed theory has only served to pad the pockets of many in the food and drug industries. Traditional, healthy fats such as real butter, lard and olive oils have been replaced with harmful processed oils and fake butter (margarine).

Those with high cholesterol are actually living the longest! Cholesterol is made to protect us from infection! So if yours is high, no need to worry! The only consequence may be you will outlive your low-cholesterol friends!

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  • I think it’s important to note that much of the food eaten and the diet of many people leads to a lot of other health problems, and cholesterol is raised as a side effect. So just because you have high cholesterol does not necessarily indicate that you’re unhealthy perhaps, but that doesn’t mean that you can eat candy bars, popcorn, and pizza all day either.

    And maintaining a good cardio workout is always a good idea too.

    So what you’re saying I guess is that you can eat a good, natural, whole foods diet and still get high cholesterol. Right? I think I would agree with that.

  • interesting theory
    because I’m just one those people who believe excessive cholesterol bad for your body

    I will look more into this,