Eco-friendly Wallpaper Remover

Well, this weekend we are removing the very LAST of the wallpaper in our house in preparation for painting! I’m very excited about this as I’ve wanted to paint for awhile. I wanted to make sure we used something healthy and eco-friendly though for taking it down. What we did was peeled off the first layer and then sprayed what was left with a vinegar & water mix. After letting it soak for a few minutes we scraped it off with a car window ice-scraper made of plastic. It worked great! We had considered renting a steamer to remove it but this worked so well I’m glad we didn’t bother with that.

I can’t rave enough about vinegar! I use it for cleaning all the time too!

  • I love using vinegar for cleaning the house too.  :) If you don’t mind, what do you use for your toilet?  I have tried several different recipes and it seems like within days it needs a good cleaning again. I have enjoyed not having chemicals in the house anylonger and know there is a good natural cleaner for the toilet just waiting for me.

  • Hi Cathy,
    For the toilet I usually sprinkle baking soda in first and then spray the vinegar on. But I know what you mean about it needing a good cleaning often. I’m finding that I have a buildup of stuff that I just can’t get off. Of course, we do the “if it’s yellow let it mellow...” thing to save water so I think that contributes to the problem. I need to find something that will clean REALLY hard stuff and yet be safe to breath. If I come across anything I’ll be sure to let you know. :)

    Oh, I’ve also heard of using Borax. You could try that. I use it in my homemade laundry soap.


  • Thanks Laura for the ideas.  I am using Borax right now and previously did the baking soda and vinegar.  It works for about two days and then a smell develops.  We could probably flush a little more often but it does seem wasteful. :) If you hear of anything new, please do let me know.  Cathy