Famous Homeschoolers

Homeschooling has been going really well for us. It’s the perfect fit for our family! I love being able to taylor Emma’s education to fit her learning style and interests. It’s also loads of fun to learn alongside her. There are so many interesting things to read about and explore! Emma can be so creative. She’s a unique individual and I want to help cultivate her gifts and passions.

As a way to help inspire both Emma & I, we worked together to make a poster of several famous homeschoolers. It’s amazing how many of the greatest minds in history were actually homeschooled. In homeschooling they had the freedom to pursue their unique interests and to think for themselves. As Laura Ingalls once said, “Home is the best place for teaching many things, first and most important of which is how to think for one’s self.”


These are just a few of the many famous people who were homeschooled that we also included on our poster:
Alexander Graham Bell
Dwight L. Moody
Louisa May Alcott
Claude Monet
Abraham Lincoln
Whoopi Goldberg
Louis Armstrong
Thomas Edison
Albert Einstein
Laura Ingalls Wilder
Beatrix Potter
Ansel Adams
Robert Frost


The Quick 10

  • I have thought about this poster ever since you showed it to me. I think it’s a great idea!! It’s so encouraging.