imageI have a confession to make.
I have an unexplainable passion for France, particularly Paris! Maybe it’s the romance associated with that place. I mean, who wouldn’t love to kiss beneath the Eiffel tower? Maybe it’s their beautiful language. Maybe it’s the gorgeous countryside. Maybe it’s their love and appreciation for food.

I think....

it’s all of the above!

There is an excellent, excellent article on the French way of eating posted at “Almost Fit” that I highly recommend you check out! The French eat in a way that most Americans would consider unhealthy and yet enjoy much better health than those in the U.S. The French are proof that real food is best for our health and for our enjoyment! Here’s the article: ”Food, Drink, and Decadence: How the French Stay Thin

Someday I just know I’ll get to visit France. When I do, I’ll buy fresh baked bread from the boulangerie each day and sit along a river with brush in hand pretending that I can paint! :)

  • Thank you so much for the link! We share a passion for Paris. And I have to tell you, it literally is life altering. I miss it almost daily. In fact, I’ve registered “” - I just haven’t done anything with it quite yet.

    Great. Now I’m depressed. But, that is sooooo Paris underground. :)

  • Metroknow: Thanks so much for stopping by! It’s an honor to have you here. :)