Fresh Raw Milk

image Mmm, it’s that time again! After a three month break (as is best for the cows) we’re now receiving fresh milk again from our cow share! I have to admit, I’m a total milk-a-holic! As a child I drank lots of powdered milk and for a few years as an adult I drank pasteurized homogenized milk. Neither of those can compare to the luscious smooth taste of unadulterated fresh milk!

Raw milk is not only fabulously delicious but it’s incredibly healthy! It’s full of beneficial bacteria that we rarely find in the modern diet. In contrast to pasteurized homogenized milk, ALL of the enzymes, protein, vitamins and minerals in milk are available for our body to use.
Milk from cows that are free-range is much safer to drink than the milk you buy in the store from feed-lot cows. The government tries to scare people into thinking raw milk is dangerous and yet they hide the fact that you’re more likely to get sick drinking pasteurized milk!

Here’s a few raw milk facts (as quoted in “Raw Milk, Nature’s Nutrient-Rich Food"):
“With raw milk, teeth are less likely to decay.
Raw Milk promotes growth and calcium absorption.
Raw cream prevents joint stiffness.
Raw milk prevents scurvy and protects against its secondary infections of flu, diphtheria and pneumonia.
Children fed raw milk have more resistance to tuberculosis and other infections than children fed pasteurized milk.
Pathological organisms do not grow in raw milk but proliferate in pasteurized milk.
After three generations on pasteurized milk, cats developed numerous health problems and pathologies of behavior. At four generations, all reproduction ceased.
Pasteurization destroys vitamin A, B complex, vitamin C, enzymes and whey proteins.”

ABC News: Raw Milk - ABC News did a segment on raw milk. This is the transcript of it along with excluded facts concerning raw milk. - Story after story of how raw milk has helped improve people’s health.

  • The health and reproductive problems that the cats developed from drinking pasteurized milk is not due to the pasteurization of the milk.

    Cats (and any other species other than an infant bovine) are not meant to drink milk from a cow, pasteurized or raw.

  • All cows milk, be it raw, organic, pasteurized or unpasteurized contain 59 naturally occurring hormones.  One of the hormones, insulin growth like factor 1 (aka IGF-1)is identical in human as it is in bovine.  IGF-1 promotes the growth of cancers in humans. 

    Cows milk is designed by nature to make calves grow big in a short period of time. What do you think this does to the bodies of adult humans?

  • Christine,
    Do you have any research I could read to back up your comment about cats? If so please let me know and I will be happy to look into it. Thanks.

  • Joanne,
    Thank you for your comment. I have to ask though, if both human milk and cow milk contain a hormone that promotes cancer, are you suggesting that drinking milk promotes cancer? So babies can’t even drink breastmilk then?
    Personally I’ve drunk milk my whole life and it’s not making me “grow big.” I’m quite petite and I love drinking milk. If anything would make people grow larger I would think it would be the artificial growth hormones commercial dairies give to their cows.

  • There will probably be argument over drink milk/don’t drink milk until the end of time.  I have vacillated myself. I have come to the conclusion (via Weston A. Price and the like) that raw milk is a wonderful thing.

  • Sarah, lovely blog. Raw milk is the most powerful super food I have found. I watched it change the health of my entire family healing eczema, asthma and digestive disorders easily. It has also improved my skin, immunity and endurance. I humans aren’t supposed to drink milk why have we been doing so for at least 30,000 years. Do our ancestors know less than we? Doubt that. If you want to help make raw milk available to all join and watch as we make herdshares available all over Australia and then the world.... yay

    The Nourisher

  • We buy raw milk from a cow share also.  My 10 year old daughter LOVES it and refuses to drink anything else.

  • Drinking Raw Milk has so many benefits over drinking the milk from the store.  I began drinking raw milk over two years ago and found that it was very good for my stomach.  I used to be very sensitive to drinking milk, but can now enjoy a tall glass without any stomach upset.  I was so pleased that I decided to begin a herd share program on my ranch in Prince George, BC, Canada.

    There is lots of great information on this site.  I will return to read more.

    Thank you,

    Lesley McConnachie