Funny Protest

Hundreds Attend Global Warming Protest
This is just too funny! Seriously, who has time to do something like this?


  • Hey Aunt Laura,
    Love the pic! That is too funny!

    AJ (A.K.A. Uriah

  • I think that you should compare and contrast global warming and global cooling....the issue is if climate change is happening or if this is actually a cyclical event. Scientists are all over the place on this issue. You don’t have to take a side, just discuss the facts and who is on which side of the issues...example...the northern ice packs are melting....but those at the south pole are growing...change yes..warming...maybe not..

  • Actually, I totally believe that the whole issue of global warming is junk science. I just thought this picture was funny.
    I agree that the warming and cooling of the earth is completely normal and is cyclical as you said. It appears that the whole global warming issue is mainly used by politicians to get themselves elected. Sad.