Getting Lost

Within the past month my daughter lost track of me in the store and nearly flipped out. Since then I’ve been trying to re-affirm that she obey mommy and stay where I tell her to so that she doesn’t get lost. Around the same time I happened upon two new children’s books in the library that helped to support this idea.

image“Grady the Goose” by Denise Brennan-Nelson; Illustrated by Michael Glenn Monroe
In this story a young gosling keeps wandering off from the family and eventually loses them altogether when the family flies south for the winter. Everything works out in the end and she learns to stay close. I’m especially fond of this book as it is published by Sleeping Bear Press. They feature local Michigan writers and artists and offer many other fabulous books that I hope to talk more about in the future.

image“Little Otter’s Big Journey” by David Bedford; Illustrated by Susan Winter
I love the little animals in this story. The baby otter just tugs at your heart! Like the other book, this story shows children why wandering off can lead to trouble. The final phrase in the book is something I want my daughter to remember throughout life, “No matter where you are, my baby, I’ll always find you.”

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