Health Food vs. Whole Food

It’s funny how people confuse whole foods and health foods. I’ve had people ask me about my “health food” diet and I have to explain to them that I don’t eat “health food.” Here’s how the two are different. Health food includes all sorts of soy products (which I try to avoid) and specialty pre-packaged meals and snacks. Some health foods are rather weird and IMO not very appetizing. Whole foods are foods in their purest (and need I mention tastiest) form. The closer to the earth a food is the more whole it is and I believe the healthier it is. Whole foods benefit not only those who eat them but benefit animals and the environment. It’s strange how eating real food is now seen as an alternative diet. All I do is try to eat the way people have eaten for generations. Food is meant to be enjoyed and is supposed to be good for your body. Anything less and I’d rather not waste my time with it.

So there we have it. :)

  • Great post - you really got to the point on something that a lot of us don’t think about. In my circle of friends we all mean whole food when we talk about health food, but I know that for many the term health food means exactly what you are saying here - packaged processed foods - not the same thing at all!

    If you’re interested, my site is - my goal is to document my process of improving my health (and lose weight) by eating real food in moderation. No low fat, low carb, pills, etc.—its simply getting back to eating whole foods like organic leafy vegetables and making ethical food choices.

    As an aside, I have to say your blog is quite beautiful. Great design, wonderful image and color choices, easy navigation - very impressed.

    Thank you!

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  • Sometimes, I think the food industry just labels items “health” food so they can charge more, so consumers think they’re getting something better for them, and thus, are willing to pay more.

    BTW, congratulations on the new baby.  I love babies........:)

  • Nice topic! There are many differences between health food and normal food. Healthy food includes more protein which doctors suggest to eat, and normal food is we use to eat everyday. More health conscious people eat healthy food daily.

  • very interesting observation. i never thought of making such difference.