Interactive Birth Plan

When I became pregnant with our daughter Emma I knew exactly how I wanted things. I wanted to give birth naturally at home with a midwife. Due to various reasons such as stress and back labor I just couldn’t open up and ended up having a cesarean at the hospital. Despite this I am still an advocate of natural childbirth and plan to try for it with our next child. After the whole experience with the first birth though I realized I needed to be flexible. Sometimes things happen that we can’t control. A birthplan is a good way to help us aim toward the birth we’re wanting and to be aware of what our options are. We just have to keep it in perspective and not beat ourselves up about it if it doesn’t happen the way we think. The ultimate goal of birth is a healthy baby and healthy mom.

This Interactive birth plan by offers a quick way to decide how you want things and gets your preferences written out for your healthcare provider. All you have to do is print! 

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