It’s me!

Hello all! I’m back again. I’ve been taking a break from Dandelion Path in order to pursue a simpler lifestyle. I had devoted too much headspace to too many things and needed to prioritize. While I enjoy Dandelion Path I cannot let it get in the way of giving my best to my family.

It’s recommended that bloggers write often to keep their readers interested. While I can understand the logic of this, it just doesn’t fit into my lifestyle. Because I want to live healthily I value simplicity. Living simply requires me to decide what is most important in my life and to live like I believe it.

Though we may often be unaware of it our culture tends to idolize busyness. There is this idea that to get the most out of life we have to cram our schedules with activity. We might admire the Mom who does it all or think that someone who has more children is better than us because it keeps them “busy.” The “Supermom” and work-a-holic dad are viewed as ‘driven’ rather than out of balance. I would like to suggest that these ideas simply are not true.

And so, from now on I will be writing less because I’m choosing to devote myself fully to a FEW things rather than to everything. In so doing I can truly live life to the fullest!

  • I agree! Now to “unclutter” MY life!