Lowes Build and Grow

This past summer Emma decided that she wanted to learn to work with wood. Shortly after we discovered that Lowes runs a program where kids can come and build a simple wood project for FREE! They usually do a couple projects a month and provide all that is needed. As a bonus, the kids get to keep their work apron. Whenever they complete a project they’re given a badge that can be sewn onto the apron.

The projects are recommended for grades 1-5 but younger kids could do them as well with an adult’s help. They do have a maximum amount of kids that they can accommodate so it’s best to register at least a few days in advance. I sign up as soon as they post the project!

You can sign up on their website: Lowes Build and Grow

So far Emma has built a race car, ball and cup game, schoolbus and a bug box. I’m amazed that they offer this for free! You can also purchase additional kits inside their store to do at home. 

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