Painted Dandelions

image I’ve wanted to do something special in Emma’s room for awhile now but I wasn’t sure what. Then I came up with the idea of dandelions. To me dandelions make me think of childhood innocence. Children delight in blowing the seeds off dandelion heads, watching the seeds float into the sky. It’s not even a thought in their mind that they are considered a weed. Thankfully Emma loves them and I love the idea that she is probably the only one in town with dandelions decorating her room! :)

  • I like the dandelions! Did you do them freehand or with a pattern?

  • Thanks Valerie!
    Well, I had a pattern in my head and then drew it out freehand with a pencil. I did use a ruler for the straight lines and various sizes of dishes for the circles. The stems were the hardest to do, but it was still pretty fun and went by fast! Those are the kinds of projects I like, FAST! :)

  • Gorgeous! What a fun idea! I may steal it someday. :)

  • I shared this photo with my ten year old daughter who also loves dandelions. She thought this was the most beautiful wall ever.  I agree.

  • Cathy & Laura,
    You are both most welcome to use the design if you like. Let’s spread the beauty of dandelions! ;)