Rotten Eggs

I always wondered how I would tell if an egg had gone bad or not. Would it smell bad? Would it look different? Well, the other day I finally found out. I had TWO rotten eggs in the same dozen and they were HORRIBLE! I have never smelled something so awful in my life! The white part was pure liquid and the yolk was pure BLACK! They were unmistakable as rotten. I guess now I won’t have to wonder! Blechk!

  • Laura!  I hope those weren’t from our farm!!  Yuck!  If they were, please take a dozen next time you come for free!  That is so gross!

  • Hi Betsy! Thanks for stopping by my blog. No, those eggs weren’t from your farm. You’ve always provided delicious eggs! :)
    One day I ran out of eggs and needed some right away. So I picked up a dozen at a closer farm. I had never gotten eggs from them before and they were the last dozen available. The weird thing was that the expiration date on the box said they were good for another two weeks!