Safe Paint

image This past weekend I painted our living room light-brown. I just love it! This was the first time I had painted since going green so I wanted to choose something less toxic and more eco-friendly. Here’s what I used:
Olympic Premium: Interior Latex Flat
no VOCs
Green Seal Certified
Sold at Lowes for about $17 (won’t break the bank)

I’m quite pleased with it and can breath easier (literally) knowing that my family won’t be harmed by fumes and gassing-off. There are other great healthy paints available as well. You can read about them at Ideal Bite.

VOC stands for ‘Volatile Organic Compounds.’ This is one time when ‘organic’ isn’t a good thing. VOCs are known to cause cancer in animals and even sometimes in humans. They can damage the liver, kidneys and central nervous system. In addition, it can aggravate asthma and cause headaches. VOCs can also be found in things like varnishes, gasoline, vinyl floors, carpets, cosmetics, air fresheners and pressed wood furniture.

Environmental Protection Agency
Minnesota Department of Health

  • Laura -

    This summer I went to Albuquerque and took American Clay’s three-day applicator training. Great experience and a beautiful state!

    American Clay is an amazing natural clay interior finish. Two coats (base + finished top coat)together = thickness of a credit card. It, too, has a variety of healthful benefits!

    Check out their website at

    PS ~ Your dad and I are first cousins. I found your site through your brother Dave’s site in the Christmas letter.