Save Gas, Slow Down

image Want a way to save gas? According to all it takes it slowing down a little. Evidently going over 60 miles an hour reduces your fuel efficiency. For example, going 70 miles per hour is like paying an extra 54 cents per gallon on gas! We probably realize this but feel our time is more important. You might be surprised to know that very little time is actually saved. In light of this I’ve started slowing down on the expressway. I thought having people pass me would be embarrassing but I haven’t felt that way. Instead I feel good knowing I’m saving money and using less of our natural resources. I’m also finding that I’m not the only one slowing down. :)

Just a note: It’s always best to try walking, biking or using public transportation rather than driving, however I realize this isn’t always possible. Reducing the number of car trips we make and carpooling are also great options when driving.

Source: CNN Money - Speeding Wastes Gas

  • My sanity is too important to me to not go at least 5 over.

    That article says that “In a typical family sedan” every 10 mph over 60 is 54 cents a gallon. I wonder that they figure the average mileage is for a typical family sedan. And what are they assuming the cost of gas to be?

    I was also surprised to see here that my car gets what most Hybrids get. What’s up with that? I get 35 mpg average in my 4 cylinder 92 Toyota Paseo, and a couple weeks ago (while averaging around 70-75) I got 42 mpg. Hybrid’s are a joke if they can barely beat my 16 year old car.

  • DaveJay, that’s cool that your car gets such good mileage!
    I think the idea with hybrids is that they can sometimes use electricity and not just gas all the time (don’t quote me on that as I’m not that familiar with cars). Of course, most people I know couldn’t afford to buy a hybrid car anyway!
    I do know I’m not in favor of cars using Ethanol. I don’t think we need to be tapping into our food supply just to fuel our cars.

  • About saving ‘gas’ - we call it petrol here:  a tip from someone who knows, always fill your car in the morning, the earlier the better before the heat of the day creates air in the tank. apparently you actually get more fuel/ gas at this time of the day than afternoon or evening. 

    Walking, public transport etc is always best whenever possible - simply allow an extra half hour or hour in your day.  I mean how did we manage our time when we had only a horse drawn buggy or no buggy at all?

  • Thanks Judith for the tip! :)