Seed Collecting and Trading

image Ever consider growing a garden from seed? It’s can be cheaper and easier than you think. Most of the many plants around my garden were grown from seed. I started collecting my own seed and found I was saving a bundle and having fun with it! If you’re interested, now is the time of year to try. While seeds can be collected all through the summer (especially from perennials), there seems to be more available in the fall (such as from annuals). To get started, check out The Seed Site. This is an amazing resource for both the beginner and the seasoned gardener. It covers how to save seeds, what to look for, how to grow them and even includes several pictoral indexes of hundreds of seeds, seed pods and seedlings.

Once you start saving your own seeds you can enter the somewhat addictive world of seed trading. Here’s how it works:
You save and label seeds that you collect
Then post the seeds you have available and the seeds you want on a seed trading forum
Through the forum you arrange a trade with another gardener and send them in the mail to eachother. The only cost is postage, which often isn’t much!

I use GardenWeb Seed Exchange for seed trading. I’ve tried other ones but didn’t like them as much.

Happy seed collecting, trading and sowing!

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