SIDS Prevention

image Would you be surprised to know that SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome) is almost completely preventable? The name implies that the cause is unknown but in reality the cause has been known for about 12 years! SIDS occurs due to a couple reasons. First, studies have directly linked the Pertussis vaccine (in the DTP shot) to SIDS. According to a study quoted in The Vaccine Safety Manual, “70% of children who died of SIDS had received the pertussis vaccine within three weeks.” The pertussis vaccine can cause the baby’s breathing to be extremely strained. This introduces the second aspect of SIDS. Crib mattresses in the US are required by law to be treated with some sort of flame retardants, either chemical (like formaldehyde) or natural (such as wool). So what happens is the baby’s breathing is already stressed due to the Pertussis vaccine and then when the baby inhales toxic nerve gases emitted from his crib mattress it just becomes too much for his immature body to handle. The nerve gases are produced when a fungus develops in the mattress and ‘eats’ the flame retardants there. This would explain why the recommendations to have babies sleep on their backs in a well-ventilated room has ‘slightly’ decreased the occurrences of SIDS. Most cases of SIDS occur in the first few months of life. Fortunately you can take steps to prevent SIDS (or more accurately named, ‘Crib Death’) You can choose not to get the Pertussis vaccine (DTP). You can help by ‘wrapping’ your conventional crib mattress. This is done by wrapping the mattress with a polyethylene cover. This cover separates the baby from the toxic fumes. BabeSafe mattress covers can be found at Eve’s Best. They’re much cheaper than buying an organic mattress. I have yet to find them for full-size beds yet though. I would like to just buy a roll of food-grade polyethylene sheeting and use that to wrap all the mattresses in our house but I’m not sure where to get it. You can also buy organic mattresses wrapped in wool (a natural flame retardant).

So why isn’t this news widespread? There has been a LOT of money given for SIDS research! Like I’ve said before, it’s amazing how many things come down to money and greed!

Please help spread the word about SIDS/Crib Death! It’s so frustrating that parents aren’t even made aware of these facts! The media and the medical profession at large refuse to acknowledge these causes.

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Research which confirms the toxic gas explanation for crib death
Cot Death: A Single Primary Cause

  • That is very interesting! Thank you for sharing!


  • Glad to read your above article on SIDS and vested interests in the cover-up. When God gifts me with a baby, I will be mindful of these toxic mattresses. All synthetic pillows and mattresses will slowly release obnoxious chemicals eventually. Instead of wrapping them, I may prefer to use a cotton filled mattress. During my childhood in India I always saw cotton pillows/mattresses being used by my family. I don’t see any problem in continuing that healthy tradition.

    I am surfing your website for the first time and I am reading your articles/notes with full interest.

  • My baby sleeps in his crib usually on his stomach and I have a baby breathing monitor. The midwife recommended that he sleep on his stomach and he can really get a good sleep that way. is there any problem with it.

  • Another contributor of SIDS related deaths is fungus that grows on the mattress. Fungus is created when urine or saliva is absorbed into the mattress covering. Fungus can create toxic fumes that hover over the baby.