The Importance of Eye Contact

image Life can become so busy sometimes that we mulit-task and tend not to make eye contact when speaking. This can be especially tempting when relating to our children. But the truth is, our children desperately need to make contact with us. This is true right from birth when a baby is able to bond with his parents through their loving gazes. Through our eyes we can convey approval or disapproval. It also gives us the chance to make a connection with our kids. It shows them they’re important and that we value what they have to say. I tend to fall into the trap of multi-tasking often and have to remind myself to stop what I’m doing and give my full attention to my daughter.

This is an important skill between adults as well. It can become easy to neglect sitting down with our spouses and having an eye-to-eye conversation with them. The day gets busy, we concentrate on getting our tasks done and find at the end of the day that we haven’t spent any quality time with them.

May we not neglect this valuable human connection. 

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