Vegetables Come to Life!

I recently stumbled upon a marvelous collection of books by Saxton Freymann and Joost Elffers that you absolutely must check out! We found several of them at our local library. Almost magically the authors turn ordinary food into characters with such expression and life! My daughter has enjoyed finding the various vegetables that we get from the farm transformed into a car or an animal or even a city. What a great way to encourage our children to eat their vegetables! Here are the ones we have read and enjoyed. I recommend them all!

image “Fast Food”
Just about any form of transportation you can imagine, all made with vegetables and fruits.

image “Dog Food”
A humorous use of dog-phrases. The dog watching a mushroom TV while sitting in an avocado chair is my favorite!

image “Food Play”
This is an excellent book for helping to develop the imagination. There are pages and pages of food characters with no text. You make up your own captions!

image “How Are You Peeling: Foods with Moods”
In 1999 this book won a “Best Illustrated Children’s Book” award by the New York Times. A great resource for explaining and exploring various feelings.

image “Gus and Button”
This story of a boy and his dog uses landscape and characters made entirely of food. He leaves the mushroom land he knows and discovers a whole new world of adventure.

Other ones that I know of include, Dr. Pompo’s Nose, One Lonely Seahorse, Food for Thought and Baby Food.

Reading these books reminded me of how as a child I used to play with my food. My family would occasionally go out to eat at the local family-style buffet. The highlight of the visit was the dessert bar where we could get all sorts of bulk candy. My little brothers and I would make little creatures out of the candy by sticking various kinds together and by carving mouths in them. The gumdrop orange-wedges were the best for this! I still find it tempting to play with my food. Mash potatoes make great mountains. And of course there’s always the broccoli trees. Hmm, maybe I should try a volcano with the gravy!

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