Veggies for Baby

While reading the other day I confirmed something I’ve always suspected but never looked into. My assumption was that what I eat while pregnant/nursing will set the stage for what my baby will prefer later. Research at the Monell Chemical Senses Center indicates that babies adjusted to foods quicker when they had been introduced to them before they were born. I guess this gives me one more motivation for eating healthily!
Once baby starts eating you can help them to like veggies by not giving in when they make a face or turn away from them. Research shows that if you keep trying to give it to them they will take it. With our daughter Emma we had her eat whatever we were eating. We would put portions of our dinner into a little hand-cranked baby food grinder. It was convenient to just throw the grinder in the diaper bag when we went out and made eating at home easier too because we didn’t have to warm up something special for her.

Source: Want to Raise a Fruit-and-Veggie Lover? Be Persistent

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