Welcome to Stuff-Mart

I’m so thankful to have been raised in a family that valued thriftiness. My parents didn’t have an abundance of money but they spent what they had wisely and we were happy and content. Their frugal lifestyle rubbed off on me and I too try to be careful with how I spend money. Sometimes though what is called ‘frugality’ is actually stinginess.

With so many things made overseas now we can get practically anything we want quite cheaply. The problem is that it’s not really as good a deal as we might think. Especially with goods made in China the workers are not always paid fairly or treated well. So perhaps when we go to buy something inexpensive, it would be good to ask ourselves, “why is this item so inexpensive? Is someone not making a decent living so that I can get this item inexpensively? Is someone exploiting others by using cheap labor only to make themselves stinking rich?” Must others suffer so that we can have more? Not only do those overseas lose out but we do too. Because we have such easy access to so many things for such a cheap price, we don’t value things as much. Wouldn’t it be better to buy LESS goods (and get good quality items that help others to earn a decent living in the process) than to buy LOTS and LOTS of cheap items that clutter our homes and make us stressed? America has become obsessed with STUFF. We seem to have this idea that if we just get ‘this’ or just own ‘that’ we’ll be happy and life will be easy. It’s a lie.

Some of my goals for this year:
Live simply
Act justly
Be thankful

  • i couldn’t agree with you more.... we, in general, need to be a little more aware of where our goods come from.