Wordless Wednesday: Journey


“Too often we are so preoccupied with the destination, we forget the journey.”

  • So, so, true. And so poignantly captured, both in your words and in your photo. Thanks for this!

    I hope you’ll drop by for a peek at my WW contribution:


    I’d like to wish you a wonderful Wordless Wednesday!


  • Wow this is beautiful....thanks for sharing....happy WW..Mine Is Up Too:
    Let’s Laugh Together

  • gorgeous shot, thanks for sharing.

    Mine is up at 4 Seasons Of My Life.com. Hope You can visit me too.  TC

  • that could be a poster. Great pic.

  • I really like that shot. You have given me a great idea for some shots of my own. The quote though, really moved me. Thanks for sharing.

    Happy WW