A mother’s loving touch saves baby’s life

I never cease to be amazed at the power of a mother’s love! There is so much more to birth than the medical profession can understand or see. One amazing example of this comes out of Australia. A new mother had just given birth to twins but one of the babies couldn’t be resuscitated and was declared dead by the doctors. After TWO HOURS of skin to skin touch from the mother and many positive, loving words from both parents, the two-pound baby miraculously began to breath! Little baby Jamie is now five months old and doing fine. This just goes to show how technology isn’t always all we think it is. Some have this idea that if a laboring woman is surrounded by all the latest machines her baby will have the greatest chance of survival. All this mother needed was to give her warm touch and her loving words to this little one. Thank God for such a beautiful miracle!

Here’s the story: Miracle premature baby declared dead by doctors revived by mother’s touch

I applaud that mother for going with her instincts and not giving up on that baby! 

Lowes Build and Grow

This past summer Emma decided that she wanted to learn to work with wood. Shortly after we discovered that Lowes runs a program where kids can come and build a simple wood project for FREE! They usually do a couple projects a month and provide all that is needed. As a bonus, the kids get to keep their work apron. Whenever they complete a project they’re given a badge that can be sewn onto the apron.

The projects are recommended for grades 1-5 but younger kids could do them as well with an adult’s help. They do have a maximum amount of kids that they can accommodate so it’s best to register at least a few days in advance. I sign up as soon as they post the project!

You can sign up on their website: Lowes Build and Grow

So far Emma has built a race car, ball and cup game, schoolbus and a bug box. I’m amazed that they offer this for free! You can also purchase additional kits inside their store to do at home. 

Childbirth education

I have some fun news to share with you! For several years now I have had a passion for birth and a desire to spread the word about it’s beauty and importance. My dream is finally coming true! I have begun training with Birthworks to become a certified childbirth educator. At this point it looks like I will be the only educator in Michigan certified through Birthworks. I can’t wait! Women and babies are my passion! At some point I would like to become a doula or midwife but as a homeschooling mom of young children that wouldn’t be the best for my family right now. I’m saving that dream for when they’re older. I figure it will give me something fun to look forward to when I have an empty nest.

For more information on the Birthworks organization you can visit their website: Birthworks International

Wordless Wednesday: You make me smile!


Emma’s cloth doll

My oldest daughter Emma just finished sewing her first doll. She had expressed an interest in learning to sew and I’m not a very advanced seamstress so we checked out some sewing books from the library. The book Emma found the most helpful was “Made By Me” by Jane Bull. It’s full of sewing, embroidery and knitting projects for girls that are easy to make. Each project is shown step-by-step with detailed pictures and easy to understand instructions. Emma chose the to make the doll from the book.


She is so proud of her new “friend.” Emma told me not to tell the doll that it IS a doll because she doesn’t want her to know she’s not real!

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